Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Reservations

1. Conclusion

The accommodation company is requested to return the signed copy of the order immediately and immediately. (As requested in your e-mail this has some time)

2. Telephone reservation

If a telephone reservation – preliminary contract – is made, then in the subsequent confirmation of the customer a confirmation letter is to be seen among merchants, which is in principle applicable to the contract, provided that no immediate objection occurs.

3. Orders / bookings with new media

For orders / bookings with e-mail, fax etc. the numbers 1 and 2 apply accordingly.

4. Information obligation of the customer

The customer undertakes to inform the accommodation company about changes in the booking numbers.

5. Remuneration

5.1. The customer pays the agreed remuneration, unless otherwise agreed, after invoicing by the accommodation company as follows): 75% of the total price up to 14 days before arrival date, as well as the balance for group arrival at the hotel. 100% of the total price for group arrival or departure.

5.2. In the event of the lack of agreement of any of the above variants, payment will be made to the Purchaser upon receipt of a verifiable invoice from the accommodation company.

6. List of names, room layout – news

The customer sends the accommodation company the list of names, as well as a precise room layout or the required news as agreed until 14 days before arrival.

7. Cancellation right

7.1. The customer can make free cancellations

  • – up to four weeks before arrival for more than 50% of the quota,
  • less than 50% of the quota up to three weeks before arrival,
  • until arrival for a maximum of 10% of the quota, unless this is unreasonable for the lodging company due to group size or special circumstances.

7.2. Expressly other cancellation conditions can be agreed.

7.3. The accommodation company is obliged to seek additional rooms if the agreed number of guests increases.

7.4. If the customer has informed the accommodation company of a minimum number of participants at the time of conclusion of the contract, the contingent can be returned free of charge if the minimum number of participants is not reached by six weeks prior to the agreed group arrival.

8. Unauthorized cancellations

8.1. If the prerequisites for a justified partial or complete cancellation are not met, the accommodation company is entitled to demand from the orderer 40% of the agreed remuneration, provided that no other use of the rooms can be made.

8.2. If the rooms are used for other purposes, the accommodation provider is obliged to pay the corresponding proceeds from his demand for the number

8.3. to deduct in favor of the purchaser. As far as the customer receives income from withdrawals of his guests, these are in addition to the lump sum according to paragraph Hotel Magnetberg*** , Scheibenstraße 18, 76530 Baden-Baden Telefon: 049 (0) 7221 364-0 Fax: 0049 (0) 7221 364-400
E-Mail: info@hotel-magnetberg.de, Homepage: www.hotel-magnetberg.de

8.4.. in favor of the tourist accommodation to 50%.

8.5. The customer can pass on the quota by mutual agreement with the accommodation company.

9. changes

9.1. The accommodation company is not entitled to make changes in the allocation of rooms or the other conditions (program, function rooms, technology, equipment, etc.) without the prior consent of the customer.

9.2. The accommodation company is obliged to inform the purchaser immediately of any changes.

10. Exemption – insurance

10.1. The accommodation company indemnifies the purchaser against all claims that guests assert against the purchaser, in particular as organizers under the Travel Contract Law, insofar as the accommodation provider does not fulfill contractual agreements, provides unsatisfactory services or other disturbances in the sphere of the accommodation provider.

10.2. The accommodation company guarantees that it has a commercial liability insurance for personal injury and property damage as well as for brought in items and that this insurance exists.

11. Non-performance – Warranty

11.1. In case of non-performance, partial non-fulfillment or defective services by the accommodation provider, the customer may reduce.

11.2. If the defect already exists at the time of conclusion of the contract, the orderer is entitled to claim for
damages. This also applies if the customer is responsible for the defect. If the accommodation company is in default with the rectification of a defect, which the accommodation company is not responsible for, the customer may demand damages.

12. termination

12.1. The customer can terminate the contract
a) in case of non-granting of the contractually agreed use after notice of defect and appropriate remedy period or
without remedy period be
b) in the case of health-endangering conditions or considerable danger in the security area – without
notice -,
c) if there is good cause – without notice -.

12.2. Claims for damages by the customer in the event of culpable breach of duty by the
accommodation provider shall remain unaffected, insofar as they do not derive from clause 10.2. result.

13. Force majeure

13.1. Accommodation providers and customers can terminate the accommodation contract, as far as
none of them is responsible for the relevant circumstances, for important reasons, in particular in cases
of considerable danger, aggravation or threat of force majeure such. War, riots, epidemics, weather and
road conditions or border closures and unreasonableness of the journey and the continuation of the
accommodation contract.
Hotel Magnetberg*** , Scheibenstraße 18, 76530 Baden-Baden
Telefon: 049 (0) 7221 364-0 Fax: 0049 (0) 7221 364-400
E-Mail: info@hotel-magnetberg.de, Homepage: www.hotel-magnetberg.de

13.2. In these cases, the contract should be adjusted taking into account mutual interests. If an
adjustment is canceled, the parties have the right of termination according to number 1. unconditionally.

14. Applicable law

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

15. Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for merchants is the customer’s registered office.

16. Additional agreements, changes

All agreements, ancillary agreements, changes and additional agreements are to be made expressly in

17. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions

The ineffectiveness of individual clauses leaves the contract basically untouched.

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